Deluxe Slippers

Available Options:

  • Deluxe Open Toe Waffle Slipper with Leaf sole
  • Deluxe Closed Toe Velour Slipper with Pineapple sole
  • Deluxe Closed Toe Thick Terry Slipper with T Shape sole
  • Classic Open Toe Terry Slipper with Classic sole

*Or create a completely custom slipper from a variety of materials and sole patterns. See below for more information.

Want to customize your own deluxe slipper?

Add your own unique touch to the guest experience by creating your own branded slipper. Choose a style, sole and fabric from a variety of choices below. Custom embroidery and printing available in your color of choice.

Open or Closed Style

3 Sole Choices

"A flowing leaf shape pattern that provides increased grip on any surface."

"A diamond pattern sole borrowing from nature to create a non-slip surface."

"An intricate weave-like pattern that created a tight interlocking sole for increased grip."

3 Fabric Choices

“An incredibly soft and luxurious material that pampers sore feet. This velvety material will feel like your guests are walking on silk."

"A woven material with recessed waffle pattern. This breathable material allows for comfortable air-flow while keeping your guest's feet warm."

"A plusher alternative to our classic terry. Soft looping fibers help absorb excess water and keep your guest's feet warm and dry."

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