Inspired by the Fertile Soil of Mount Etna

Key Features

  • Formulas rich in minerals Copper, Magnesium, and Zinc as well as Olive Oil and Shea Butter
  • Extracts of Sicilian Lemons
  • Soaps contain marbled coloring with pumice exfoliant
  • Tubes feature user-friendly flip caps
  • Shower Cap is easily recyclable and features EcoPure


  • 30 ml Bottles (Lotion)
  • 40 ml Tubes (Shampoo/Conditioner/Lotion/Body Wash)
  • 40 g & 50 g Soaps
  • Vanity/Sewing Kit, Dental Kit and Shaving Kit
  • Formulas Gluten Free and Nut Free

Experience E.Vuclano, a truly unique collection that contains ingredients from volcanic soil to promote enriched, energized and healthy skin. Copper to aid in firming and restoring skin’s elasticity, Magnesium to encourage the growth of collagen in skin cells, and Zinc which is required in the synthesis of protein and collagen.

To compliment these unique ingredients, E.Vulcano comes in an elegant black that reflects cooling lava. The design features the brand logo in a shiny spot gloss with the Sicilian Islands in striking yellow. Each formula has a sugared lemon fragrance.

Baronessa Cali E.Vulcano was inspired by the powerful Mt. Etna and the sweet scent of Brooms and Sicilian Lemons. Please check out the complete retail collection at

The Story of E.Vulcano

“While growing up in Sicily my bedroom window overlooked Mt. Etna. The air filled with the pleasing sweet scent of the Mt. Etna Brooms and Sicilian Lemons. I remember, as if it were yesterday, my grandmother telling me bedtime stories about its power and alluring beauty.

She would tell me that this place was a volcano named after the Roman diety of fire and volcanoes, Vulcan. He was the maker of art, arms, iron, and armor for gods and heroes. She would point and say his workshop was “right there” underneath Mt. Etna. “If you see hot lava or clouds of dust erupting from the mountain that is Vulcan hard at work building thunderbolts for Jupiter, king of the gods, and weapons for Mars, the god of war,” she would proclaim.

- Basonessa Gonsaelo Goli

Free of the following controversial ingredients:

SLS/SLES Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, DMDM Hydantoin, Urea, DEA/MEA/TEA, Propylene Glycol, Petrol or Coal Tar Derived Ingredients, Mineral Oil, Hydroquinone BHA, Octoxynol, Quaternium, Silicone Derived Emollients/Dimethicone, and Formaldehyde.

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