Hopal is a collection of sustainable skin and body care products where with a contrast between the pureness of white tubes and metallic colour designs with ecological Nordic Ecolabel certified cosmetics and recycled paper packaging. You are a consumer that contributes to a more sustainable environment. Be among the millions of people who daily make more climate friendly choices.

Hopal mission is to contribute to a sustainable consumption. By choosing products and services that are Nordic Ecolabel certified, consumers can actively contribute to the ultimate goal of achieving a sustainable society. Nordic Ecolabel is a European colabelling scheme that evaluates a product’s impact on the environment throughout the whole life cycle. The label guarantees, among other things, that climate requirements are taken into account, and that CO2 emissions are limited.

Product List

  • 30 ml One-Piece Tubes (Shampoo/Conditioner/Lotion/Body Wash)
  • 360 ml Dispensers (Hair & Body Wash/Lotion/Hand Soap)
  • 20 g and 40 g Soaps
  • An assortment of accessories

Key Features

  • Nordic EcoLabel Certified Cosmetics
  • Collection made in Italy

  • Larger Dispenser bottles available

Free of the following controversial ingredients:

Parabens, Formaldehyde, BHT, Petroleum.

“A leading supplier in the personal care industry since 1972!"